The New York Times Twitter Dispute Is Going to Be a Problem for Organizers

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By this time, many readers have likely heard something about the hullabaloo at the New York Times regarding their newest member of the editorial board, Sarah Jeong. The controversy began after a number of her tweets were published containing callous and hostile rhetoric towards whites. The story quickly …

Fellow Italian-Americans: We Need a New Mascot

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Growing up as part of the Italian-American community from my mother’s Sicilian immigrant background, the storied legends of Christopher Columbus’s daring journey across the Atlantic were often regaled at family gatherings during my youth, with this very sanitized narrative reinforced by the GOP-controlled educational curriculum in Texas. With criticism of the popular understanding of Christopher …

High School Organizing in Red States and Blue States

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Recently an article appeared on my newsfeed detailing a letter sent by the Desert Mirage High School student government to the high school administration and Coachella Valley Unified School District staff in support of a teachers’ strike for fair salaries. After reading the letter, I was both impressed and surprised not only by …

After Trump: Organizing Appalachia and the Working Class Interior for Cultural Reconciliation and Economic Justice

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bill-clinton-910173_1920It was the early 90’s, and despite the scorching summer heat, the challenging economic landscape and rather cramped living situation in which my parents, myself and mother’s parents were sharing a small two-bedroom apartment in Bedford, Texas, the whole family was excited that they would soon get …

Play Me That Mountain Music: An Introduction to the Global Highlanders

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Spread across four continents, shaped by similar geography, socioeconomic conditions and hard-fought tragic wars live five communities to be christened the Global Highlanders; nations-within-nations, often misunderstood yet remarkably influential, these enigmatic peoples have guided the paths of their respective countries from below rather than above for centuries.

Within the Global Highlander …

Six Things I Learned About Politics and Organizing From A Real-Life Sith Lord

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During the D.C. years, a friendship grew with a decidedly memorable individual who also happened to be communications specialist and electoral strategist for the Republican Party. Part of the initial reason for our friendship was due to us sharing a “personality type” on one of the many tests out …

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