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Welcome! We’re glad to see you’ve parked your wagons here at SPQR Forward!

In this extraordinary dominion of the internet you’ll find sage words on Democratic politics, travel, life hacks, and a primer on the rugged, resilient people that make up the five nations of the Global Highlanders.

Just a few clicks away is smashing, cutting edge political insight from a former Senate staffer, tips on travel to alluring faraway lands, first-class life hacks , and above all, a greater appreciation for the culture, history and future of the American Appalachians, Brazilian Sertanejos, South African Boer/Afrikaners, Nepalese Chhetri, and Vietnamese Degar/Montagnards, together forming the Global Highlanders whose colorful sagas have enlivened the pages of history books and sharpened swords for millennia.


Step inside, the adventure’s only beginning.